About Our Community

History of Lake Charles

At Lake Charles Memorial Health System, we are proud to serve such a rich and diverse community. The Calcasieu Parish and surrounding community of Lake Charles, Louisiana has a French history extending back to its early settlers, Mr. and Mrs. LeBleu of Bordeaux in France. This area is now called the LeBleu Settlement. As the region's first settlers, Mr. and Mrs. LeBleu lived harmoniously with surrounding Native American tribes, and were soon followed by more pioneers, including an Italian immigrant named Charles Sallier who married the couple's daughter Catherine.

Charles and Catherine Sallier settled the area around what is known today as Lake Charles, which was named in his honor. Lake Charles is now the seat of Calcasieu Parish, and a thriving city with more than 80,000 residents. "Calcasieu" is a Native American word that means "crying eagle." Lake Charles Memorial Health System is proud to provide a wide range of services for our valued patients in this region.

We Are Proud to Serve Our Diverse Community

Lake Charles is 70 miles west of Lafayette and three hours from New Orleans, located near the Texas border just two hours from Houston. Lake Charles port is located approximately 35 miles inland of the Gulf of Mexico, and is accessible to vessels coming from the ocean.

Notable events in the Lake Charles area include:

  • Contraband Days Festival - May
  • Cajun French Music & Food Festival - July
  • Calca "Chew" Food Festival - September

Points of attraction and interest include:

  • Sam Houston Jones State Park, 1,068 acres
  • McNeese State University, enrollment approximately 8,000
  • Historic Charpentier District
  • Cajun restaurants
  • Casinos

About Lake Charles Memorial Health System

Our Lake Charles hospital is unique in that we strive to serve as a comprehensive supplier of care services for our clients and patients. You can make us your primary location and rely on our facility for virtually all your healthcare needs. Contact our office to schedule an appointment or to learn more.