Patient Navigator

What is a Patient Navigator?

Patient Navigators strive to eliminate barriers for my cancer patients and individually assess each person to determine what specific help they need. The critical window of opportunity, when patient navigation is most effective, is between the point of an abnormal finding and the point of that finding's resolution with diagnosis and treatment. Timely movement of an individual across the entire health care continuum is promoted from prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment, support and through to survivor ship and, in some cases, end of life care.

The Patient Navigator can:

  • Guide you through the health care system
  • Help you fill out insurance forms
  • Help you find ways to pay for health care if you don’t have insurance
  • Direct you to health care services for further diagnosis and treatment
  • Direct you to local resources and support
  • Help you keep track of and find ways to get to your appointments
  • Help you get your questions answered
  • Help you find more information on health care

    As of patient of Memorial's Cancer Center, all of our services are provided - free of charge - to the patient.

    To schedule an appointment with our Patient Navigator,
    contact Lenore Hayes at 337-494-4890 or