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Wednesday, August 31, 2011 - Brett Cascio, M.D. Performs First Bone Sparing Shoulder Replacement

The physicians at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital strive to offer the most up-to-date medical treatments and surgical options available, while remaining true to their community-based roots.  One such example is Brett Cascio, M.D., a board certified, fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeon on staff at Memorial Hospital.  Dr. Cascio recently performed the first Total Shoulder Resurfacing procedure in the South using the HemiCAP® System. He was one of the first physicians to perform the procedure in the United States.

Shoulder pain and arthritis are common problems among the 40 to 65 year-old age group.  The Baby Boomer population is filled with people who want to retain an active lifestyle free of joint pain and shoulder stiffness. On average, around 25,000 shoulder arthroplasties are performed around the nation each year.  Over 500 shoulder arthroplasties are performed annually in the Southwest Louisiana region.   

“Shoulder replacement was first performed in the United States in 1950’s. Since that time, the procedure has been refined with the use of new implant materials and design, as well as improved surgical, anesthetic, and rehabilitation techniques,” says Dr. Brett Cascio.  “Up until now total shoulder replacement surgery involved placing a large metal stem into the humerus (armbone) and a large plastic implant into the glenoid (socket).” 

A new less invasive resurfacing procedure is available and is now being performed at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital. 

“We are now utilizing the latest technology called the HemiCAP® resurfacing shoulder system from Arthrosurface.  This innovative system resurfaces the damaged joint surfaces rather than replacing the entire joint,” Dr. Cascio states. “One of the major advantages of the resurfacing system is that it takes less bone and tissue away than the old stemmed systems, so there is less pain and potentially better function.”

The new system uses a 3-D mapping technology that allows the surgeon to figure out how large the defect is and what curvature the patient’s joint surface has. Because each HemiCAP® joint system has a family of implant curvatures and sizes, it allows the surgeon to essentially implant a custom device into the patient’s shoulder.

“I am able to use the HemiCAP instruments to accurately reproduce the original anatomy which can help patients regain normal motion and relieve their pain,” says Dr. Cascio.  “I frequently describe HemiCAP resurfacing surgery as akin to a filling for a tooth cavity versus pulling the whole tooth out.”

In the past, problems with glenoid (socket) loosening occurred in many younger shoulder replacement patients.  Until now, the average 40-year old patient with shoulder arthritis only got the ball replaced because, in most cases, the glenoid or cup would loosen with years of wear and tear. 

“The new system allows the glenoid to inset into the patient’s native bone, preserving the soft tissue, rather than removing it completely,” says Dr. Cascio.  “In the end, this will allow me to clear the patient for more aggressive activities, with less concern of loosening.” 

For more information about the HemiCAP® resurfacing shoulder system or to make an appointment with Dr. Brett Cascio, call Orthopaedic Specialists at (337) 494-4900 or log on to  Dr. Cascio’s office is located at 1717 Oak Park Boulevard, third floor, adjacent to Lake Charles Memorial Hospital.

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