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Saturday, October 01, 2011 - Dr. Kevin Young is Keeping up the Pace
The first and only cardiac pacing system FDA approved for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) use is now offered in the Lake Area. Memorial Hospital Cardiologist Kevin Young, M.D., with the Heart & Vascular Center, was the first physician in the Southwest Louisiana region to implant the much anticipated and highly advanced RevoMRI SureScan pacing system manufactured by Medtronic,Inc.

This new device addresses the safety concerns surrounding MRI procedures for patients with implantable pacemaker devices.

“For the first time, I can implant a state-of-the-art pacing system that provides proven cardiac care and MRI access when my patient needs it,” says Dr. Kevin Young. “Medical imaging and electronic implantable devices are important technological advances, particularly for older people.Memorial Hospital is proud to provide safer access to MRI for our patients.

”Prior to the release of the Revo MRI SureScan system,MRI procedures for patients with implanted cardiac devices, such as pacemakers, were not recommended because patients might face serious complications such as interference with pacemaker operation, damage to system components, lead or pacemaker dislodgement or change in pacing capture threshold.

MRI is the gold standard diagnostic tool for most medical and surgical specialists; such as neurologists, oncologists and orthopedic surgeons. About 40 million MRI scans are performed annually in the United States. MRI provides a level of detail and clarity not offered by other soft tissue imaging modalities.

“The number of patients with pacemakers is growing at the same time the use of MRI is increasing,” says Dr. Young.“It has been estimated that there is a 50 to 75 percent probability that cardiac device patients will be indicated for an MRI over the lifetime of their devices.

”In the past, more than 200,000 patients per year have had to fore go an MRI scan because they have a pacemaker.The new system, a true milestone in the field of cardiac care, helps address this important unmet patient need.
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