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Wednesday, September 05, 2012 - Share Your Story Winner Announced

Irma A. Andrus has won Lake Charles Memorial Hospital’s (LCMH) Share Your Story contest. Her story was chosen out of a host of entries submitted over the course of six weeks.

Andrus wins two tickets to the LCMH Sensational 60th Celebration at L’Auberge Casino Resort on October 6.

Read her story below:

Several years ago my husband was admitted to LCMH for a colon resection. We knew going in that the diagnosis for cancer was positive. A CAT scan indicated there was no metastasis to other organs. However, there is always the possibility of a microscopic spread to area lymph nodes that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Therefore, we knew would not have that information until after a tissue examination could be completed following the surgical procedure. We were prayerfully hopeful that this last hurdle would indicate that we were home free. It was not to be.

The surgeon came to our room to give us the news. My husband took it with much greater acceptance than I. My world fell in on me. I was so immobilized and panicked that to this day I can't remember any of the lengthy conversation that the surgeon had with my husband. I was stuck in time and unable to function. As a take charge person, this was totally out of character.

At this point I sensed someone at my side. The registered nurse who was making rounds with the surgeon apparently was very aware of my panic and paralysis. Without a word, she put an arm around my shoulders, gave me a comforting squeeze and smiled. She turned her attention back to her patient and the doctor but kept her arm around me as though I were her total charge. Standing in the comfort and warmth of her encircling arm, the synapses in my brain began to speak to each other and I became functional.

Somewhere in time I have heard the expression, "High Tech, High Touch!" The action of this special nurse characterizes that expression as well as the care climate at LCMH. I am proud to be an employee of this institution and confident of excellent care when a patient. 

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