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Radiation Oncology

Enhanced Cancer Care at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital

Lake Charles Memorial Cancer Center offers exciting and new treatment innovation for cancer. with its Trilogy and Smart Arc technology .These advanced forms of treatment quickly rotats the linear accelerator around the patient while the treatment beam is on and is designed to significantly reduce treatment time compared with traditional methods, allow greater treatment accuracy, and reduce radiation dose to healthy tissue.

   •Surgery removes many kinds of tumors

   •Chemotherapy medications, taken orally or intravenously, travel through the body to kill cancer cells

   •Radiation therapy uses targeted radiation beams delivered from outside the body to the tumor site to kill cancer cells.

For almost 60% of cancer patients, treatment includes radiation therapy The Trilogy targets tumors more precisely, delivers a higher dose of radiation and requires fewer treatment sessions. Radiation is pure energy delivered in beams. It works by damaging the DNA of cancer cells so they can no longer reproduce. Because cancer is characterized by rapid reproduction, this stops cancer from growing and spreading. Even in the highly specialized world of radiation, the Trilogy linear accelerator stands out. It offers an enhanced cancer treatment option.

•Flexibility — Treatment can be customized to target many different types of cancers, in many different locations.

•Accuracy — Radiation beams match the three-dimensional shape of the tumor with a high degree of accuracy. It can treat smaller lesions which allows for treatment at earlier stages when cancer is most curable.

•Precision — IMRT help medical professionals synchronize treatment with the patient’s breathing cycles. This helps to target tumors more precisely, while sparing healthy tissue.

•Speed — The Trilogy delivers radiation at a rate that is 60% faster than traditional linear accelerators, which enhances the patient’s comfort.

•Power — The highest dose rates can be delivered, so treatments take less time and fewer treatment sessions are needed.  

•Fewer side effects — Because of the precision of the radiation, healthy tissue is spared, which results in fewer side effects.

Radiation Oncology

Real-time positioning manages tumor motion during radiation therapy treatments for cancer. The computer-aided technique synchronizes the radiation therapy with a patient’s breathing patterns. This enables doctors to safely treat lung and other cancers of the chest and abdomen with radiation therapy, while sparing healthy tissue surrounding the cancer mass.


Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) is an advanced form of radiation treatment that allows our radiation oncologists to precisely target tumor cells. It is a noninvasive therapy that uses Computed Tomography (CT) and often other imaging modalities to build three-dimensional diagnostic images of the patient's tumor and anatomy. A treatment plan is then performed to deliver tightly focused radiation beams of varying intensity to cancerous tumors. Varying the intensity of these beams enhances the ability of IMRT to maximize dosage and minimize the amount of radiation distributed to surrounding healthy tissue. IMRT uses computer-generated images to plan and then delivers tightly focused radiation beams to cancerous tumors. Clinicians use it to exquisitely "paint" the tumor with a precise radiation beam that conforms as closely as possible to the shape of the tumor. IMRT can be used to treat tumors that might have been considered untreatable in the past due to close proximity of vital organs and structures. Treating such tumors requires tremendous accuracy. For example, in the case of head and neck tumors, IMRT allows radiation to be delivered in a way that minimizes exposure of the spinal cord, optic nerve, salivary glands or other important structures. In the case of prostate cancer, exposure of the nearby bladder or rectum can be minimized. IMRT is being used to treat tumors in the brain, breast, head and neck, liver, lung, nasopharynx, pancreas, prostate, and uterus. A powerful computer program optimizes a treatment plan based on a physician’s dose instructions, and information about tumor size, shape and location in the body. A medical linear accelerator, equipped with a special device called a multileaf collimator that shapes the radiation beam, delivers the radiation in accordance with the treatment plan. The equipment can be rotated around the patient to send radiation beams from the most favorable angles for giving the tumor a high dose while preserving important healthy tissues.   


Brachytherapy is an advanced cancer treatment. Radioactive seeds or sources are placed in or near the tumor itself, giving a high radiation dose to the tumor while reducing the radiation exposure in the surrounding healthy tissues. The term "brachy" is Greek for short distance. Brachytherapy is radiation therapy given at a short distance: localized, precise, and high-tech. With High-Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy, thin catheters are first placed in the tumor. The catheters are then connected to an HDR afterloader. This machine contains a single highly radioactive iridium pellet at the end of a wire. The pellet is pushed into each of the catheters one by one under computer control. The computer controls how long the pellet stays in each catheter (dwell time), and where along the catheter it should pause to release its radiation (dwell positions). With a few well-placed catheters in the tumor, HDR brachytherapy can provide a very precise treatment that takes only a few minutes. After a series of treatments, the catheters are removed, and there are no radioactive seeds left in the body. Brachytherapy can be used in the treatment of:

  • Prostate cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Esophageal cancer
  • Gynecologic cancers    

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