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Weekly Wellness Tip

At Lake Charles Memorial we’re thrilled to share our Weekly Wellness tips focused on the mind, the body and healthy eating.

We know it takes work to be healthy, so we make the information as easy as possible. With the best info, actionable ideas and a dose of inspiration, you’ve got the golden ticket to wellness. Don’t waste another minute – start living your healthiest life today!

Water: One of the most important components of our daily diets Eat The Season!
Walking: Trim your waistline, improve your health! Good Body Mechanics
Get Healthy, Get Brushing!
Safe Handling of Fruits and Vegetables
Quick Tips to Build Physical Activity into Your Life
The Facts about Fats
Calories: What are they?
Watch your portion sizes
Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Your Heart
Sodium: A Good Moderation
7 Tricks to Add Flavor and Cut Fat and Calories
Healthy Baking: Oil Substitutes
Thanksgiving Tips
Water: Why Is It important?
Eating at a Buffet Does Not Mean Unhealthy
Christmas: It’s a Wonderful Time of the Year!
Twelve Ways to Health
Walking Towards Wellness at Work
The Skinny on Whole Grains
How to Control Stress
Pre-Hypertension: Time to Pay Attention
Snacking can help you Maintain a Healthy Weight
Keep Your Heart Healthy this Valentine’s Day!
Conquering the Grocery Store
Have your King Cake and eat it too.
Fun Facts about Fiber
March is National Nutrition Month
Stress Less For More Success
How do you make a Perfect Plate?
25 ways to put a Spring in your step this Spring
What's in your Easter Basket?
Working Out from Home
To Buy or Not to Buy
Walking for Wellness at Work
Sleep Tight
Salty Myths Busted
Jump in the Pool
Why We Gain Weight As we Age
Control your cravings
Avoid Mindless Eating
Safe Travels this Summer
Sit Less, Move More
Battle of the Burger
Balance your Life
What it all Means
Farmer's Market Week
Four Items that can Increase your Hunger
Football Season Tips
The Family that Eats Together
Spice up your Life
Foods to Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer
Can't Sleep? Try these Foods.

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