Employer Wellness

Employers are now expected to create safe work environments, improve employee health and implement strategies that reduce medical costs as well as increase employee morale and on-the-job efficiency. Success of any company is a reflection of the health and well-being of the most vital resource, the employees. Memorial’sGet Healthy, Stay Healthy Wellness Program assists employers with fulfilling these mandates while providing value-added benefits for their employees.

Our Get Healthy, Stay Healthy Wellness Program gives companies access to services designed to minimize employee health risks, increase productivity and morale, and potentially reduce their healthcare costs. This program is the solution that engages employees to understand their health, gets them moving, motivated and proactive in disease prevention and management.

For more information about the Get Healthy, Stay Healthy Wellness Program, contact Jessica Duhon, Employer Health & Wellness Manager, at 337-494-2992 or jduhon@lcmh.com.

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy Wellness Program components:


  • On-site Get Healthy, Stay Healthy seminars and live streaming videos
  • Printed and emailed newsletters, articles, etc…

Access to Lake Charles Memorial’s Staff and Physicians

  • Provide learning activities and coaching from RN’s and other healthcare professionals
  • Streamlined access to services

Online Health Risk Assessment (HRA)/Reporting

  • Determine employee’s health risks
  • Follow-up with health coaching, information and resources

Biometric Screenings

  • Lipid Profile
  • Glucose
  • Blood Pressure
  • Height/weight/BMI
  • Nurse consultation

Wellness Workshops/Challenges (through portal)

Incentives tracking (through portal)