Allergy Treatment

Otolaryngic Allergist at Lake Charles Hospital

Are you facing allergic symptoms that affect your quality of life? There's something you can do about that. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with our ear, nose, and throat doctor at Lake Charles Memorial Health System.

Three Forms of Allergy Management

The three types of dealing with allergies are:

  • Evasion - This method simply means avoiding the factor that causes the symptoms, or the "allergens." Avoiding allergens may seem like a no-brainer, but finding the cause of an allergic reaction can be challenging. Our doctor can help you isolate the allergens causing you painful symptoms. Not all allergens can be feasibly avoided, however.
  • Medications - Allergy pharmacotherapy is another option. Antihistamines, prescription-strength nasal sprays, decongestants, and leukotriene inhibitors are examples of some allergy medications that are available for your use.
  • Immunotherapy - Desensitizing the body through allergy shots is another type of allergy treatment. Learn more about immunotherapy below.

Can Allergy Shots Help Me?

Allergy shots or immunotherapy is for those who are not responding to medications and are unable to avoid allergens. Regular, paced allergy shots work to slowly change your immune system's response to triggering allergens by carefully desensitizing you to those allergens. In this way, an allergy shot "immunizes" you against your allergic reaction in much the same way that a vaccination protects you against diseases.

First, our otolaryngic allergist will help isolate the allergens causing the reaction by undertaking a number of tests. Then, you will be given tiny injections of the stimulating allergen. This could help your body learn to avoid the hyperactive response to those factors over a period of time-and the results could be life changing. Life is too short to live with painful allergies. Let us help!

Talk to our team today about the right allergy treatment for you: Call our Lake Charles hospital for more information!