Adolescent Behavioral Health

The goal of our child (age 5-12) and (age 13-18) adolescent inpatient program is to provide stabilization for immediate concerns within a healing and structured environment. We provide short-term, intensive inpatient treatment with the primary focus of improving mental health through reduction of symptoms and recovery of normal overall functioning. Because of the negative stigma associated with teen mental illness, your child may not be interested in getting help, but it is critical to seek treatment as soon as you realize there may be a problem. Better outcomes are generally achieved when comprehensive care is obtained as early as possible.

Not all young people with behavioral or mental health concerns need inpatient care. Those in early stages of mental illness may achieve great success with outpatient or partial hospitalization programs. If this is the case, our qualified health professionals will be able to offer advice through an assessment on what the best course of treatment would be for your situation. If the mental illness is determined to be more advanced, our admissions staff may suggest inpatient care.

Psychiatric or emotional disorders which may necessitate hospitalization include:

  • Recent suicide attempt
  • Current suicide ideation
  • Substance abuse and chemical dependency
  • Recent history of significant self-mutilation or self-endangering behavior
  • Excessive trauma
  • Severe anxiety
  • Assaultive or aggressive behavior
  • Severe depression and hopelessness
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Psychotic behaviors impacting daily activities

Treatment plans for youth include a comprehensive assessment, group therapy, medication management, detox (if necessary), and family therapy sessions. Discharge planning is initiated at the time of admission and revised throughout the time of hospitalization. A written aftercare plan is developed with the participation of the teen and family before release from the hospital. It includes recommendations for further treatment, as well as education for family members and loved ones on how to support the patient in normal life. To ensure continued support and care, follow-up appointments are also scheduled, as needed, for both the patient in our teen mental health program and his or her loved ones.

Mental health evaluations are available, free of charge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you believe you or a loved one may need behavioral health care, call or walk in anytime for a free and confidential assessment with one of Archer Institute’s mental health professionals.

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