Cancer Registry

A computerized data system know as the Cancer Registry has been designed to collect, manage and analyze information on individuals who are either diagnosed or treated for cancer at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital. The Cancer Registry, which is tied into Louisiana's registry, conducts lifetime follow-ups of Lake Charles Memorial's Cancer Centerpatients. These follow-ups provide a means of monitoring and evaluating the success of the Memorial Hospital's Cancer Center treatment programs.

A vital component of the Cancer Center at Memorial Hospital, the Cancer Registry also collects demographics, cancer identification, treatment, and follow-up data on each cancer patient diagnosed or treated. This data contributes to the planning, staging and continuity of care for our patients. Each year our cancer data is submitted to both the Louisiana Tumor Registry and the National Cancer Database to enable public health professionals to better understand and address the cancer burden.

For more information on the Cancer Registry, call (337) 494-2146.