Critical Care Starts Here

From emergency room care to in-patient intensive care Memorial can handle a wide variety of critical care situations.

ICU Expansion

Our new, state-of-the art, 15,102 sq ft. Intensive Care Unit is on the 9th Floor of the main campus. Our existing, 10,180 sq. ft., 3rd floor is currently being renovated. When this is complete, Memorial will have the largest critical care unit in southwest Louisiana with a total of 32 beds. These areas are available for critically ill patients in need of ongoing specialized cardiac, stroke, and/or pulmonary monitoring, or recovering from major orthopedic trauma or general trauma surgery.

ER Expansion

Our 40-bed, 25,464 square feet newly expanded ER is equipped to handle increased patient volume and includes trauma-related services such as telestroke and heart attack assessment, orthopedic trauma and general trauma surgery, as well as other critical care services such as mental health triage, respiratory and gastrointestinal distress.

In addition to general medicine treatment areas, our ED has 4 cardiac-designated care rooms, a fast track treatment area, and 6 trauma bays. Digital diagnostics, including CT scanning, are located in the ED which reduces transport times. Click here to learn about our TeleStroke Program and Traum Program designation.

Chest Pain & Heart Attack Intervention

From the minute ED is alerted of a cardiac emergency to the time the patient is brought to Memorial and through the cardiac catheterization lab or surgery, our emergency and heart care team works together to provide fast heart attack intervention treatment following nationally-established assessment protocols. Five newly- enhanced cardiac catheterization laboratories are available to provide emergency response to open blocked coronary arteries. In addition, with the largest surgery department in southwest Louisiana, our 13 renovated, state-of-the-art surgical suites are equipped with cutting edge technology for trauma surgery.

Orthopedic Trauma Surgery

Specialized orthopedic trauma and fracture care, as well as general trauma surgery, is available for potentially limb-threatening or life-altering injuries that commonly result from car accidents, falls, sporting activities and industrial accidents. Memorial is the only hospital in southwest Louisiana to offer this critical care treatment team with trauma and orthopedic surgeons, physiatrists and neurosurgeons working together to provide multidisciplinary care for major injuries. Orthopedic trauma services include severed fingers, sports injuries, and fractures such as pelvic fractures and intra-articular fractures, and infected or improperly healed fractures.

General Trauma Surgery

Comprehensive emergent care for critical injury means patients have direct access to specialists and advanced technology, ensuring the fastest and most extensive care in the region. A team approach to surgical critical care can require a multidisciplinary team of trauma, neuro, plastic, orthopedic, heart and vascular surgeons to ensure that patients receive the best possible care no matter the type or severity of their illness or injury. Trauma surgery may be necessary after the body experiences a catastrophic impact, such as a major car crash, a gunshot wound, a stabbing, a severe fall, a crush injury, or being struck by a car.

Mental Health Intervention

Currently, our ED offers a specially-designated triage area for emergent mental illness issues. Archer Institute, a new, 34,000 sq. ft., stand-alone mental health hospital with emergency triage services, will open in 2018. Phase I (adult & adolescent units) will include 42 beds. Phase II (geri-psych and substance abuse units + a medical office building) will add an additional 56 beds for a total of 98 beds once both phases of construction are completed.