Interventional Cardiology

Interventional cardiology uses invasive diagnostic tools and treats diseases affecting the blood vessels. Memorial offers advanced options for cardiovascular and peripheral vascular diseases. Our catheterization (cath) lab team includes board certified, interventional cardiologists, experienced cardiac registered nurses and radiology technologists. As a result of the tremendous growth of our heart services, Memorial has expanded its catheterization program with the most recent addition of a third cath lab. Some of the cath lab procedures performed include:

  • Cardiac and Peripheral Catheterization - A form of diagnostic testing in which a hollow tube is inserted into a blood vessel to determine if any cardiovascular disease is present.
  • Cardiac and Peripheral Angiography – A type of x-ray diagnostic test that examines the blood vessels to look for blockages or narrowing.
  • Coronary Angioplasty- A treatment for blockage in which a small narrow balloon is inserted into the blood vessel and inflated, which clears an opening for blood to flow more freely. The balloon is then deflated and removed.
  • Cardiac Stents – A stent is a small mesh tube placed within the blocked area of the artery and, using the same techniques as angioplasty, expanded with the use of a balloon. The stent remains in place to keep the artery open even after the balloon is removed. Some stents now contain special medications that they release over time to help prevent blockages from reforming.
  • Heart Valve Repair & Replacement – Valve repair and replacement are performed to treat a variety of conditions. The aortic and mitral valves are the most commonly replaced heart valves. One of the most advanced procedures is TAVRs, for those suffering from valve stenosis.

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