Memorial Announces 2016 Board of Trustees

Lake Charles Memorial Health System announces the 2016 Board of Trustees. The board is a group of community leaders in finance, media, public policy and business who volunteer their time and talents to advocate and lead the health system.

Louis M. Todd, Sr., Chairman

Thomas Shearman, Chairman-Elect/Vice Chairman & Secretary

Denise Emerson Rau, Past Chairperson

Larry M. Graham, President/Assistant Secretary

Leroy Fredericks, M.D., Medical Staff President

Ron Lewis, Jr., M.D., Medical Staff Past President

Gerry Hebert, M.D., Medical Staff President- Elect

Judge Gene Thibodeaux

Joe Miller, Jr.

Richard Martinez, M.D.

Alan LeBato, M.D.

Mitchell Adrian

Mark Abraham

You can view more information on our board here.