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Safer Care Begins with Tracking Your Medications

Lake Charles Memorial Health System and our physician partners are committed to providing you with the safest possible health care experience.

Can you name the medications, vitamins, herbals and over-the-counter products you are currently taking? Do you know the dosages and why you’re taking them? A medications list can help you keep track of everything you take so that your doctor, pharmacist or emergency department physician can take better care of you.

Safe care begins when ALL health care providers understand exactly what medications patients are taking. That is difficult to know when patients often receive prescriptions from more than one specialist or take over-the-counter medications, vitamins, alternative meds and herbal therapies.

Every time you are admitted to a Memorial facility, or see an affiliated physician, someone will ask you about the medications you take. Sometimes, this may seem redundant, or even irritating, but it’s the best way to ensure the medication list we have for you is complete, accurate and up-to-date. It is quite possibly the smartest thing a patient can do to ensure a safer, more satisfying and better health care experience.

Medication List Wallet Card

Memorial's Pocket Medication Tracker is a convenient way to help you develop and keep track of your medications so that everyone involved in your care has easy access to this information. Pick up one of our free wallet-sized medication cards at any Memorial physician's office or download one here.

Medication List Apps

There are several free smart phone apps available to help keep your medications up-to-date and easily accessible right on your phone. Below are just a couple of samples available in the iTunes and Google apps stores.

American Medical Association

National Prescribing Service

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