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Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson's, Tremors and Involuntary Muscle Contractions available at Memorial

BogavalliLake Charles Memorial now offers Medtronic Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Therapy, an FDA approved treatment option for those with Parkinson’s disease, tremors and involuntary muscle contractions whose symptoms are no longer adequately controlled by medication alone.

Neurologist Murali Bogavalli, MD, MPH, with Memorial Medical Group, offers patients this innovative brain therapy. He is fellowship-trained and board certified in neurology and specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of various general and neuromuscular diseases.

“A specially-trained neurosurgeon places a small, pacemaker-like device under the skin in the chest, and very thin wires connect the device to the brain. This device sends electronic signals to targeted areas of the brain that control movement,” Dr. Bogavalli says. “After it is implanted, I program the device and adjust the settings to meet the specific patient’s changing needs. While DBS is not a cure, individuals may achieve greater relief over stiffness, shaking, and difficulty moving, reduce the amount of medication needed and improve quality of life.”

Talk to your primary care doctor to find out if DBS Therapy is right for you. Physicians may refer patients to Dr. Bogavalli’s office by calling 337.480.7900.