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Dr. Cohen Tops in the World on TruMatch Knee Replacements

Dr. CohenOrthopeadic Surgeon, Nathan Cohen, MD, ranks #1 in the world for the most knee replacements done using the TruMatch Technology developed by DePuy Orthopaedics. Dr. Cohen has performed 1,271 of these procedures as of the end of April 1. He first starting using the technology in November of 2012.

TruMatch is a process where most of the work for a knee replacement is done outside of the operating room. A CT scan is performed of the entire leg of the patient, 3D images are constructed of the knee which are sent to Dr. Cohen. He then designs the position of the implant in the knee on his computer and sends the plans back to DePuy. The company constructs a 3D print of the knee, sterilize the cutting guides and send them to Dr. Cohen.

During the actual surgery, the guides applied to the exposed knee and removal of the arthritis is performed. The new implant is positioned and the knee closed. The technology offers extremely accurate joint replacement and all major decisions are made before the patient even enters the operating room which cuts down on time spent operating.

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