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Our Goal: To foster a culture of kindness by expressing kindness to one another

As part of Memorial’s Healthy Workforce and Wellness initiatives, we recognize that part of our mission is to not only create a workplace that offers growth and opportunity from a professional standpoint, but one that nourishes our individual team members as human beings…mind, body and spirit.

BODY: Encourage employees to be active and be proactive about their physical wellness.

SPIRIT: Encourage a workplace environment that’s diverse, inclusive, and built around kindness and dignity.

MIND: Encourage employees to make mental wellness a priority.

Memorial’s wellness initiatives work in concert toward creating an environment that’s diverse, inclusive, and encourages employees to bring their whole selves to work - ideally, their healthiest selves - because a healthy and happy employee is an engaged and productive one. The biggest beneficiaries are not only our team members, but our patients and the community. Also, because it’s the right thing to do, Memorial continuously encourages our employees to pursue their best life.