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Position: President and Chief Executive Officer

Company: Lake Charles Memorial Health System

Location: Lake Charles, Louisiana

Reporting Relationship: The President and Chief Executive Officer will report directly to the Lake Charles Memorial Health System Board of Directors.


The Opportunity

The President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will provide day-to-day leadership over the entire organization and will be expected to grow and scale the health system. With full P&L accountability, the CEO will be charged with setting the overall health system strategy, growing revenue, ensuring physician and patient retention, delivering against the revenue and expense targets set in the annual plan, and setting and successfully executing the strategic direction of the health system.

The CEO will establish a highly cohesive executive management team that works collaboratively to achieve organizational objectives. He/she will lead an overall organization of over 2800 employees across the entire system, including business development and marketing, physician relationships, strategic direction, culture, employee engagement, information technology and finance.

Ultimately, the CEO will be expected to drive the growth and profitability of Lake Charles Memorial Health System and capitalize upon the significant market opportunity.

Key Responsibilites

The CEO will have a broad set of responsibilities that will encompass the following:

Strategy and Vision:

  • Establish a clear vision aligned with health system values; set specific challenging and achievable objectives and action plans; motivate others to balance physician needs, patient needs, community needs, budgets, and organizational success; challenge self and others to look to the future to create quality healthcare, services lines, and solutions.
  • Develop, communicate, and execute strategic and operational strategy and performance.
  • Analyze competitive organizations and adjust the Lake Charles Memorial Health System strategy to be proactive in the market..


  • Meet or exceed growth, revenue and profit expectations for the business.

Stakeholder Management:

  • Cultivate and maintain strong relationships with physicians (employed and non-employed), partnerships, patients and prospects.
  • Drive cross-functional support and lead work required to achieve business results. This leader is a key contributor to strategy, growth, culture and execution.


  • Drive operational excellence through engagement, accountability, goals, transparency and the use of data, metrics/scorecards.
  • Ensures best practice, evidence-based approaches to consistently deliver exceptional, well-coordinated and integrated care that delivers high level outcomes and patient satisfaction.


  • Accountable for leading staff in accordance with Lake Charles Memorial Health System standards of leadership excellence.
  • Develop an organization that attracts, selects, and retains high-caliber, diverse talent that is able to successfully achieve or exceed organizational goals.
  • Build a cohesive team that works well together.
  • Drive a culture of proactive employee engagement and teamwork.
  • Create a best-in-class work environment.

Professional Experience/Qualifications

The CEO will be a proven healthcare executive with natural leadership abilities. The new CEO should possess a minimum of 10 years of broadly based, progressive professional experience, with demonstrated experience leading and growing an organization. The successful candidate’s experience may come from a variety of healthcare environments; however, the ideal candidate will bring significant experience working directly with independent health care systems.

The successful candidate will bring both a highly strategic, successful at building relationships with physicians and must be able to evangelize the vision both internally and externally.

Specific experience should include:

  • A clear track record of success as a leader;
  • A patient centric leader who communicates constantly, effectively, and consistently with employees, patients, business partners and other important constituencies;
  • A strategic thinker with sound judgment and decision-making capability, who has developed broad solution strategies and implemented a significant plan with exceptional execution;
  • A commitment to teamwork, team building, providing partnerships and involvement in decision making; excellent coach and developer of people;
  • Ability to recruit talented individuals;
  • Strong business acumen with the ability to meet the immediate needs of the organization while building the basis for achievement of the organization’s longer term goals;
  • A documented style that exhibits a strong work ethic, efficiency and results orientation.


A Master's degree is required. A Bachelor's degree along with focused and relevant experience in the health care or similar industry may be considered.


An attractive compensation package comprised of base salary, discretionary performance bonus, full benefits and relocation assistance (if necessary) has been created to attract outstanding candidates.

Organization Background

Memorial: A Regional Community Health System

The changing healthcare environment has been a catalyst for hospitals to redefine their roles in the community. Maintaining a close relationship with the patients, while incorporating mandates necessary to keep the entities physically and fiscally healthy is imperative to keeping the doors open and to advance medical treatment. To understand why community hospitals are the backbone of local healthcare and local economies, it's important to understand what makes a hospital a community hospital?


A true community hospital is governed locally by people who live and are invested in the community's future and not governed by for-profit, corporate offices. What does this mean? It means that, Lake Charles Memorial Health System is responsible to the numerous communities and citizens it serves.

As such, Memorial relies on the support of the community, not through taxpayer funding, but support in two ways… using hospital services, as well as philanthropic support. Some providers of healthcare carve out niches which are the most profitable. Memorial services are not based on how much money is generated from that service line, but the need for medical services in the community. In addition, it serves all segments of our population…the insured, the underinsured, and the uninsured.


Memorial is the heartbeat of southwest Louisiana, but it's more than medicine. It is also an economic driver, job generator and an anchor institution for the local community, as well as a healthcare hub for Southwest Louisiana.

Not only is the local availability of quality healthcare a convenience to residents, it is important to attracting quality employers and good-paying jobs to the region and to the healthcare industry itself. True community hospitals are very much an economic engine of the community and tend to be among the largest employers in the community.

Calcasieu Parish, prior to cov-19 and Hurricanes Laura and Delta, was in the midst of an economic boom that was expected to increase the population by 25-30 percent over the next decade, and Memorial continued to expand and improve its operations to meet the growing healthcare needs of the region. While these disasters have interrupted the community and the health system’s economic outlook in the short run, LCMHS has managed to maintain the substantial progress it has made over the last decade and anticipates continued growth as the population and industry rebuild in 2021.

Quality of Life

Some benefits of a community hospital are intangible. While there is no consensus on what constitutes quality of life, healthcare is ranked near the top of virtually every measure.

The responsibility of caring for the community extends to every employee, every physician, and every volunteer. Regardless of their role at Memorial, primary focus is on the patients, families and community. That impact spans the entire continuum of life from birth, to childhood to middle age to the elderly stage of life to terminal illness — for the wealthiest and the poorest in our community, for people dealing with serious illness to people who want to establish healthier lifestyles. These include providing specialists and services not previously available in Southwest Louisiana, as well as primary care and a “medical home” for the uninsured and underinsured; promoting health education and healthy lifestyles in the community; and providing more specialized care close to home.


Most importantly, community hospitals also provide integral healthcare services to the people in the area. Memorial's presence, more often than not, prevents community members from leaving town for healthcare. Access to healthcare is not a function of price alone, but how far one must travel and how long one must wait are also considerations.


Established in 1952, the only locally-owned, not-for-profit, regional community healthcare system in the area, Lake Charles Memorial Health System today consists of Lake Charles Memorial Hospital, a 314-bed acute care facility at our main campus on Oak Park Boulevard; Lake Charles Memorial Hospital for Women, a 52-bed women's health services facility at Gauthier and Nelson Roads; Moss Memorial Health Clinic on Walters Road for uninsured populations in need of primary and specialty care; Archer Institute, our new behavioral health hospital on Nelson Road, the Memorial Medical Group, our affiliate physician group comprised of over 100 specialists, and Memorial/LSUHSC Family Medicine Residency Program which trains primary care physicians. Lake Charles Memorial Hospital provides the largest array of specialty, emergency and critical care services in the community with the largest emergency department and the only Level III trauma center in the region.

The health system, prior to the recent hurricanes, employed more than 2700 full-time, part-time and prn employees (and is on the path to reach this previous number as the area repopulates) and therefore, continues to be one of the largest non-government employers in the area. Memorial is a true community health system, run by a board of local volunteers from all walks of business, industry and public service. Operated by a Board of Trustees from the community it serves, the hospital is fully licensed by the Joint Commission which provides accreditation to healthcare organizations. It is one of an elite group of health systems that belongs to the people of Southwest Louisiana and serves everyone regardless of age, race or financial status.

Memorial understands that at the core of every process is the care of patients who are physically and often psychologically vulnerable, and separated from the comfort of their families and daily lives. Quality of life and well-being are essential to their recovery. Support, comfort, privacy, dignity, satisfaction and safety combined with cutting edge technology, highly skilled physicians, modern facilities and the newest services all contribute to the patient experience.

Memorial believes that the delivery of safe and quality healthcare is our primary responsibility to the community. Patients and their family support systems are an integral component of this team. Healthcare delivery requires a well-coordinated, collaborative system to provide care that is first and foremost safe, but also timely, effective, and patient-centered. Memorial values and promotes a culture that enables and empowers all members of our team to accomplish this mission.