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Daniel T. Hall, IV, DPM

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About Daniel

Dr. Hall has developed a keen interest in diabetic foot care and limb salvage, and he has co-authored multiple publications in Podiatry Today and Podiatry Management on reconstructive foot and ankle surgery techniques and post-operative care in the diabetic population. He also served as a volunteer participant in the Yucatan Crippled Children’s Project (YCCP) co-sponsored by Barry University and the International Foot and Ankle Foundation in Merida, Mexico during which he earned valuable experience in pediatric foot and ankle deformity treatment and surgical correction. Dr. Hall also served as a surgical clinical course leader for the Miami-Dade College Physician Assistant program, discussing common foot and ankle injuries and participating in multiple suture workshops.
Areas of Interest:
  • Hall D, Najafi B. Exploring Gait Pattern Characteristics Using Plantar Pressure and Thermography With Relation to Gait Speed of Healthy Subjects Verses Charcot Patients. C.L.E.A.R. Research Project at Rosalind Franklin University. Poster Presentation. 2008.
  • Hanft J, Hall D, Kapila A. A Guide to Preventative Off-Loading of Diabetic Foot Ulcers. Podiatry Today. December 2011. 60-66.
  • Hanft J, Moskovits J, Hall D. Emerging Insights in Diagnosing and Treating Osteomyelitis. Podiatry Today. July 2012. 94-102.
  • Hanft J, Hall D, Jarman M. Essential Principals in Treating Diabetic Forefoot Ulcerations. Podiatry Today. August 2013. 58-67.
  • Hall D, Cairns D, Hanft J. Etiology of Surgical Wound Dehiscence. Podiatry Management. August, 2014. Cairns D, Hall D, Hanft J. Management of Surgical Wound Dehiscence. Podiatry Management. August, 2014.
Special Clinical Interests: Arch and ball of the foot problems Pediatric foot problems Foot and ankle injuries Foot deformities Diabetic foot conditions Diseases of the foot and ankle Heel pain Nail and skin problems Nerve/Vascular disorders Toe problems
Daniel T. Hall, IV, DPM
  • Accepting New Patients
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