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To send me a bill as a third party without me knowing how much your services cost and not covered by my insurance company before I received an understanding an approval is wrong. No one should be sent a medical bill that they had no knowledge of before the bill arrived. My Doctor did not even tell me about this overpriced and required by law to have in order for him to treat me. I should have been given the option to decline his services which you are in parternship. I am retired and so is my wife. I am 64 yrs old and it was a bullshit test. He said I agreed to this when I signed up with him. Who reads six pages of release forms before they sign with a Doctor you in trust you life with. I have refused to see him because of this and now have no other Doctor for my neck injury from a car wreck three years ago. Some stupid, underinsured,facebook addict ran the stop sign and almost killed her daughter and me. Life is so unfair and so are your bills.