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I have seen several of your doctors in your system. I am very satisfied with all the physicians. However, I am not satisfied with your Office staff at the internal medicine group. I have been seeing Dr Christian Romero for several years. He is a great physician and I am greatly satisfied with him. On 08/01/17 I saw Dr Romero and he ordered a diagnostic CT On 08/02/2017 my wife called to inquire about when it would possibly be scheduled. I worked on a rotating schedule and that was the reason for the inquiry. She spoke to a lady named Jennifer that informed her that it could be possibly two weeks out just to get it precerted. My wife questioned this because at another one of your clinics it is done quickly. I then decided to call and ask the same question and I do apologize I did get A little upset trying to explain to them that I needed to have it done as soon as possible because of my schedule. And I was then called by Dr Romero's nurse. Her first words to me was your wife got ugly with me. My wife did not get ugly with her because my wife never spoke to her like I said I got a little upset . Regardless my wife who is been in the healthcare field for over 40 years called Humana to find out what the hold up was because the doctors office said it was Humana. After speaking with Humana my wife was informed that the physicians office had submitted it to Humana and it was pending because a diagnostic CT scan has to be sent through Health help. The nurse at Humana gave my wife her name and number and stated that if They physicians office would call them they could do it by the end of the day. My wife then call the office spoke with Melissa who transferred her to the verification person at the internal medicine clinic. My wife tried to explain it to the staff member and she informed my while she did this every day a lot of times and talked over my wife with an attitude. My wife was not trying to tell her how to do her job she was just trying to explain to the lady what Humana had sad. This is unacceptable behavior by an office staff member actually several office staff members and should be addressed. I know that this is not the behavior that Lake Charles Memorial health system wants because other clinics in your system do not Display this type of behavior. I will talk to Dr. Romero at my next visit as I feel that he will lose patients with this type of behavior. there needs to be some customer service training in the internal medical clinic.

Edward A Collins

DOB 10/31/1953