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I was told Dr. Cascio was the best hip surgeon in LA and so I went to him for surgery from New Orleans. I am 14 weeks post op and I am here to say I regret going to him. I am 100% frustrated with him and his staff.

I know doctors see a lot of patients and can not spend a lot of time with them, but he seems to make it a goal to get out of the room as soon as possible. I could never get a straight answer from him and for every question I asked, I would always get conflicting information between him and his staff. It was almost amusing as I asked the nurse, the PA, and the Doctor all the same question and would get three differnt answers. Once, when I called for info about following the PT protocol, I was told "what ever you think".

In wake of the surgery, I am having occasional discomfort and numbness in my left leg (same side as surgery). When I called, a nurse said it was normal. When I came for my follow up appointment, the PA could not explain it. Dr. Cascio said it was a back problem and to see an orthopedic surgeon. I have never had nor have any back issues and the problems didn't start until surgery. Plus, why should I see another surgeon when Dr. Cascio is one already. When I told Dr. Cascio this, he just smiled and said nothing. This makes me believe either he truly doesn't care or he damaged somehthing during surgery and is afraid of being found out.

Despite hearing from multiple people that Dr. Cascio is the best, I will be telling people otherwise.

In the end, I am frustrated and without answers.