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On February 20th, my son and his fiancee went into the Lake Charles Memorial hospital at Gauthier Campus to have their son. They had brought an heirloom baby outfit that was my son's for the baby to go home in. They hung the outfit in the closet, so it would not get wrinkled. On February 22nd they awaited discharge from the pediatrician. By the time the pediatrician had come in to discharge, it was night time. They left the hospital that night to return home by 8:30pm. At that time they remembered the baby outfit hanging in the closet and called the Nursing station to report it. They were told they would call them back once they checked the room. They did not call back. My son called seven times in the next couple of days with no response. I went up to the hospital and went into room 1109 to check myself. There was no outfit hanging in the closet. I went to the Nursing station and they told me that housekeeping always checks the closets upon discharge, so they were trying to get in touch with housekeeping. I waited around then finally gave my number to contact me when they received a response. They never did call me. I have called several times with no response. I called and left a message for administration to call me and they never called back. This is very disappointing. That outfit is 33 years old. It has to be somewhere. I would appreciate it if someone would at least feel some remorse and return the outfit. I would like to request that this be looked into. I do not know who else to contact with this issue. But I would like the outfit back. It is a one piece light blue bubble outfit with a white yoke.