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I was advised on 8/29/17, under the care of a physician at Sulphur Urgent Care; I needed an ultrasound of my abodomen and also blood work. White blood count was 16000 and that I possibly had a small blood clot or anuerysm in my aorta. The physician directed to go to Memorial Hosp. er asap, needed to be admitted due to my gall bladder was infected and that needed to be removed if no other complications. Saw Dr. Gamborg and he asked why i was there explained to him and advised that i gave triage all the copies from the physician and my spouse advised that possibly my gall bladder was infected but also of the anuersym, he asked his asst. what my liver enzyme level was and dr stated that it was not all that elevated, and when dr asked who had ordered the test and gave me the info. he threw his hands up and said don't get me started on those people. From our conversation with Gamborg i had an infection but not my gall bladder and my enzymes weren't elevated (Urine specimen revealed otherwise). When brought to room nurse in charge of my care advised i was diagnosed with pancreatitis, gall bladder infected, and cyst on the liver. Which was upsetting that i was not told this info.. On Wed. Dr. Bradberry came in advised he wanted to do a MRI/CP. Results showed gall bladder infected, and lesions on pancreas (Poss pancreatic cancer); but after further review and consulting with other physicians it was decided that if gall bladder was removed that would solve a lot of my problems and seemed to think it was just a cyst on the pancreas. I agreed and surgery was done on Sat. morning. Stayed another day for antibotics in my system. At 11 am Dr. Gamborg came in and was advised i would be discharged. Nurse Tray came in and advised she had a pain pill for me and reason being and not injection was went sent home my prescription was for pills. Also advised it would take a little while to get paperwork completed before leaving; which I understood. All this with Nurse Tray was at 11:30 at approx. 2 pm i had to walk to nurses station and ask why i hadn't been able to leave Nurse Tray stated it was due to the dr and the discharge nurse. The male discharge nurse advised he would be through in 3 mins. This male nurse had been seen walking around pushing a cart and writing something on paper, when he needed to be doing his work. When discharge nurse came in he asked if i was given bandages and advised that i didn't he stated that Nurse Tray was to have given those to me. When i asked about a prescription to take home the male discharge nurse stated that i was not given one, advised he could call dr which i stated no that i was leaving and had pain pills at home. Also advised that they would contact Dr Schlamp (primary care) and for me to follow up. On today's date 9/5/17 went to Dr Schlamp and was advised by receptionist that they were not aware that I had been in hospital and had surgery. Their office had not even received my paperwork.

During my whole stay at your hospital was the worst i have ever experienced, and the only good things was the nurse who took care of me was when I was admitted on Tuesday night and Wednesday (seventh floor), The nursing supervisor that was working with two young female student nurses. She was very kind, and caring; one of the student nurses she was with was young female with dark hair who even was kind enough to warm my lunch for me because it was cold, my ice cream with my meals was always melted, the ensure was always warm. Nurse Tray was friendly and nice. Also be advised that the first two nights there was a crockroach in my room, the housekeeping was very poor. Before leaving I even found a dead german roach in my room.

I had so much faith in your hospital now I am questioning that.