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I wanted to tellyou of an experience on Saturday Night I had.First of all I would like to say I am a nurse from another local facility. I wanted to give you feedback on our visit.

I came in with some older friends of ours. Mr Al has COPD and AFIB. He had been having trouble with his AFIB and shortness of breath. Upon arrival they asked us the reason for being there we stated some chest pain, AFIB, and SOB. We immediatly were taken back. Your wonderful triage nurse Tanya has the perfect personality to put you at ease and took seriouosly the symptoms and started to intervene immediatly. I think she certainly is a jewel and does a fabulous job. She is someone I would love to work with and she is good with putting people at ease.

We were placed back into a regular room rather quickly, Dustin was then our nurse. He too is amazing. As a nurse we are always watching and assessing and I think he is great. His personality is great and he is efficient and carries out the orders in a timely fashion. He is very attentive and skilled. I think you have a jewel in him also!

Dr. Stephens was our ER physician. He too was quick to attend assess and fix Mr. Al's problem. I appreciated that he was thourough and quick to diagnose the problem and give orders that resulted in our friend being able to be discharged from ER and not having to be admmitted. Mr Al was so happy. He delayed going because he had been cardioverted on his last ER admission and was dreading this. So to be able to be discharged in a couple hours from start to finish was an added blesing.

We also witnessed a problem your staff was having with a family member that was causing an altercation. Your security staff did a great job as did the staff. Those situationsare frustrating at best when you are just trying to take care of patients. There was an older gentleman (afriican American with cowboy boots) that went over to a family member of the young girl and gave some wonderfukl advise. He was firm with her, direct and yet so kind! I thought that certainly said alot about his character and that he truly cares about people regardless of what problems they have caused.

I wanted to tell you that we had a great experience and as an RN from another facility in Lake Charles kudos to your staff and ER. Thank you so much I just wanted you to know.


Judy Bergen