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I am a patient of Dr.Nazim at moss memorial heath clinic. I dont think i am being treated good by him. First off here are my most recent mri results of my neck.

Degenerative disc disease present at C6-C7.

Multilevel intervertebral disc desiccation. Straightening of the cervical lordotic curvature.

C3-C4: Left posterior lateral annular tear.

C4-C5: Mild intervertebral disc bulge narrows the ventral subarachnoid space. Mild left neural foraminal narrowing

C5-C6: Mild intervertebral disc bulge narrows the ventral subarachnoid space. Mild left neural foraminal narrowing

C6-C7: Diffuse intervertebral disc bulge narrows the ventral subarachnoid space. The central canal is narrowed 8 mm. Moderate left and mild right neural foraminal narrowing.

Cervical spondylosis most prominent at C6-C7 with central canal stenosis and left greater than right neural foraminal narrowing.....

Problem is Dr.Nazim has told me at just about every visit i have been to that EVERYBODY who has an mri of their neck will show bulging discs like mine, this may be true for people over 70 years old, but i was 25 when i first had these problems with my neck i am 30 now. He makes me feel like he underplays my illness every visit, and recently told me he doesnt know why i am in pain. I am not a drug head and dont take my medication for nothing, i am in horrible pain every day from the time i wake till i fall asleep. Also I have been having chronic migraines for over a year now and have told Dr.Nazim about this on numerous visits, so he prescribed me Amitriptyline, but i still had migraines almost everyday, so my next visit (3 months later) i told him that i am still having migraines but amitriptyline helps very little, so he upped the dose and still had migraines, next visit (3 months later) i told him im still having them and amitriptyline helps but i still have them, so he told me to just keep taking them. He hasnt done any tests to see why i have these migraines or gave me any reason why.

Another problem i have is Dr.Nazim does not give refills on my medications, his nurse tells me if i need refills to call my pharmacy to send a refill request fax which is ok with me but the problem is that when i get my pharmacy to send it Dr.Nazim doesnt send the fax back untill around 21 days later so i suffer for weeks. This is EVERY month i go through this, pain, suffering, and withdraws, from going weeks without my meds every month this happens. Every visit i go to he runs in and tries to run out as fast as he can, so everytime i have questions or concerns i have to stop him while hes walking out the door.

i just dont think im being treated right and fairly. I really like going through memorial, but i really dont want to see Dr.Nazim again.

i have tried to contact the patient rep. but she was no help at all, after a few emails she told me that my emails to her was going to her spam box and never heard back. My patient rights have been broken over and over again.

At Lake Charles Memorial Hospital, our mission is to continuously improve our healthcare delivery-in a personalized, caring and safe manner. <~ this is not true on my part.