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i was on facebook and noticed a post by someone named sarah elizabeth brown from lcmh. it was posted to a group named hematology interest group. it had a picture of a wbc with what appeared to be something simialr to erlichia in it. it also had the patients information. female. 34 years old. hiv positive. your employee wanted information from others about what she was seeing in a differential. when i tried to revisit the post, it was either deleted or blocked from being shown. i am a medical technologist who was deemed unacceptable to work for lcmh even while being discriminated against by your employees. lets just say i am happy that i no longer work for you. i am appalled at the lack of professionalism exhibited by your employee. taking down the post should not be something that is necessary since it should be understood beforehand that it is unacceptable to post information regarding patients online in a public forum. one would hope that you would hire employees who seek to provide optimum patient care. not only does the post i just saw prove you do not hire quality, it proves you do not adequately train your employees-both as medical laboratory scientists and as employees of a hospital providing care to patients. there should not have been a need for your employee to post a photo from a differential to obtain information about what she was seeing. i am not sure if she actually did not know what was in the photo, or if she needed attention. either way, it was unprofessional. a refresher course in patient rights and their privacy is not something any hospital should have to provide. it should be something exhibited and practiced every day. obviously, at lcmh, it is not.