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My Situation about Sepsis

My name is Roxane Benoit and I wanted to send my story to this website, because I had a story to give to your hospital. I might have a little long story, but I will try to keep it very short. I had Sepsis in 2014 and it had came from a bladder infection that I had tried to receive medical treatments for it, but it became very hard to get over the bladder infection, because it had caused me severe diffculties with my health.. I tried to go to different medical doctors for medical treatments, but they tried to help me, but I became sicker over time, because the bladder infection became much worse and it had caused me to go very sick to Sepsis. I had a terrible problem to deal with, because it required me to stay in the hospital more than twice, but it was costly medical expenses I could not afford, because I had no job or medical insurance.

Today, after four years of going very sick to this infection Sepsis my life became on hold in many ways, because I could not quite improve my walking ability, because I was in a wheel chair for a year and a walker, due to my foot condition that was never fixed when I had paid expensive prices to therapy places in my town. No one had tried to help with therapy in trying to help me walk much better, because they had went on with their own lives while I had to suffer through many bad circumstances with my foot condition and wanted to put these problems behind me for good, but today I still suffer in many ways in which I do not have any freedom to be able to do things in my life, because I been suffering to this disability and cannot take myself places, because I have to use a walker when I have tried to go places. I have been embarrassed how I have tried to enter the workforce with this tragic infection to support myself and my situation has not improved in the least for me to walk again, because I been fighting with the same infection and not moving to better things for myself and have been left without any kind of an income and it has been hard for me to find ways to cover my medical expenss with no job. I can barely cover my living expenses with the way I been left without an income, I do not believe people who had been sick like I had been have had to sit without an income and medical insurance for themselves. It has been morally wrong.

I have hoped this situation will end in the future, because quite honestly me and my daughter have been facing hard times trying to live on her income while I have tried to search for a job myself and employers have not tried to hire me, but i have needed an income very badly to support myself and pay for more medical expenses, because I still been in need of more medical care for myself, including therapy for my foot from the bedridden situation and checking on my health concerning the infection i had been real sick to in the past, also need to improve my walking ability. .