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I've had Multiple Sclerosis for over 12 years now. I am having severe pains shooting down my arms and legs.PLEASE HELP ME I am literally suffering. Ive gone to the ER with these symptoms begging them to please help me. The lady that took my blood pressure quickly ordered me something for pain; my blood pressure was 160 over104. But when the doctor came to see me he didnt care and treated me like I was drug seeking. I dont even know how to or not act in a way to him to not treat me like that. I dont know. All i know is what I have to feel everyday. I HURT. ALOT. That is all im feeling that is all I think about because it is constantly putting a pain so severe in my extrimaties I scream in my pillow and cry alot. Ive gotten wet heating thing from the pharmacy. I have cooling gear from the MS society. I have Tramadol and ibubrofen 800s. I have tried everthing around pain medicine. IO would avoid it if I could but losing my mind.I have even thought about cutting my arm off. I'll bite my thumb on my left hand so hard it will bleed. just so I can get my mind off the sharp and burning pain i have every where else. I see a neurologist in New Orleans by the name of Jesus Lovera. He gave me a referral to pain mangement. My insurance doesnt cover pain management so I need to have a PCP that I can see for my pain. I wear a brace on my right arm that I tighten so much it makes my arm hand and wrist go numb. I have to take 2 ibuprofen 800mgs and 4 Tramdol every 3-4 hours. and that only relieves it up to a certain extent (the swelling feeling) but not the shin splint feeling and the burning stabbing feeling remains. Multiple Sclerosis is an invisable disease. I limp and drag my right foot and trip on iy all the time. I fall because I have vertigo. my mind is so foggy and drunk everyday 24/7. That why I DO NOT drink alcohol. I DO NOT use illegal drugs. I need a doctor that cares about my pains that I HAVE to go through because God wanted me to have MS (the invisible disease.) I can't handle this anymore. and i'm desperate for a good doctor that will help me...