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I don't crackerjack doctor said we will send you home with pain medication I was told that memorial doctors were good about this but I didn't believe it But only to find out yes it is true. So you stay here with your sister while she is crying in pain and nausea and diarrhea throwing up and saying to you they sent me home the same way I went in. She was in the hospital for a week and a day while they did all these tests to see what was going on and they did they found out the cancer is the reason is the cause of everything she is going through Even if someone calls to say I am sorry and they made a a mistake well you can't make up for the time she spent since 12 noon yesterday till here it is 530 Saturday morning listening to her crying oh God and throwing up water and running to the bathroom I just want to say really?????? Back when I was growing up when you went to the hospital they fixed what was wrong with you but now these so call doctor don't know how to do it and they send you home with no prcriunderstand how this works cause I do not see what I am writing But I cannot see how a so call Doctor can let a person with cancer go home with no pills at all, they claim they were going to make her comfortable well sending her back home the same way she went in is ridiculous especially whenu the crackee