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I need help. I am a patient of Dr. Sarwar at Moss. I have long been his patient. I have underwent 2 brain surgeries in 2005. I have a bad back he has the MRI, I went in with a bad hip, went to Memorial for the MRI and the hip has many problems, I was told I was going to be contacted by someone to help repairt the hip, I have not been contacted by anyone. I have asked for pain medication and been given none, I am in pain as I type this. My back is in pain, my hip is in pain and they are doing nothing. It has been months of suffering. I went to the otho doctor at Moss "I got we can't give pain medication until we know what it wrong with it, well after the MRI they know and I got, :We only give pain medication if you break a bone or have surgery." That is a lie. I am tired of the pain and I am tired of being lied to. The calls they promise never come, the pain does. I want another docvtor there and I want to be out of this pain. I am not asking them for 100 mg oxycotin, just something to take the edge off when it is really bad and maybe something to help me sleep on nights when the pain is unbearable. I am suffering and they do not care, just as long as they shuffle me out of their office. I want help. I like anyone else am human and I deserve to be treated as one. !!!