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I went to Dr Greenman because I was hoping to get help for my back pain.I am in severe pain every day.He told me that he does not prescribe pain pills which that is fine because pain pills don't relieve the pain.He said he would refer me to a pain management doctor which he did not do.He treated me like i was a pill head which i am not.I told him that Dr Varela said i have bursidis and he acted like he didn't believe me.He said he would call the dr he walked out and never came back in the room.A few days later i got a certified letter telling me that he would no longer treat me which he never did anything for me anyhow.The following day i got another letter from him saying the same thing.I did not need either letter because he was so rude i would never go back anyhow.What i will do is tell everybody i know not to go to him because he is a jerk and a can publish this and my name,i don't care