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Employer Wellness & Corporate Health Solutions

At Lake Charles Memorial, we know what types of healthcare solutions your employees want and need. The success of your company is a reflection of the health and well-being of your most vital resource, your employees. It is no secret that healthy employees are happier and more productive. So, how do you ensure that you are doing all you can as an employer to make that happen?

Partnering with Lake Charles Memorial Health System can be the catalyst that engages employees to understand their health, get them moving, prevent injury, motivate and be proactive in disease prevention and management.

Our wellness and corporate health solutions team strives to deliver innovative programs that promote wellness, prevent illness and injury, and manage employee health. Lake Charles Memorial offers integrated solutions that include comprehensive health and wellness services, group health services, occupational health services and workers compensation services.

Employer Wellness Program

Our Employer Wellness Program gives your company access to services designed to minimize employee health risk, increase productivity and morale, and potentially reduce healthcare costs.

Our comprehensive health and wellness services help companies maintain a healthy workforce and reduce healthcare costs by identifying, addressing and reducing health risks before they turn into significant medical issues. These services also help employees improve overall health, by engaging members to be proactive in the management of their personal health and wellness through education, behavior modification and activities, and health risk assessments.

Customize Wellness Programs to Fit the Needs of Your Company

Lake Charles Memorial’s Wellness Program is not a cookie-cutter program. Employers can customize a program under the guidance of our wellness team to address your company’s healthcare needs, budget and culture. By partnering together, we can develop fun and innovative health solutions that work best with your workforce and industry.

Our goal is to help employers identify, improve and reduce health risks while reducing costs by encouraging employees to be more engaged and active in their overall health. We can help employees set fitness goals, receive timely screenings, adopt healthy behaviors, set nutrition and weight loss goals and provide innovative tools and guidance to help them achieve those goals.

Wellness Program Basic Components Include:

  • Access / Health Navigation
  • Health Assessments
  • Biometric Screenings
  • Education
  • Health Coaching
  • Wellness Incentives
  • Behavior Change Activities

If you would like more information on starting a Wellness Program at your workplace, have any questions or need to find a physician for yourself or an employee, call (337) 494-2992 or email

Corporate Health Solutions

Memorial’s Corporate Health Solutions assist in controlling cost associated with rising workers’ compensation and general healthcare needs. As an extension of our wellness program, Corporate Health Solutions provides on-going communication and easier access to healthcare services for you and your employees in an effort to improve the overall health of your workforce.

Our service coordinators streamline communication between employers, employees and the health system and are available by phone 24/7. There is no cost to employers associated with enrolling the Lake Charles Memorial Corporate Health Solutions.

The basic components of the program includes:

Occupational Health Services

  • Provide onsite safety talks and onsite loss prevention strategies
  • Schedule physicals, drug screens, vaccine administration and any other required pre-hire services needed
  • Emergency Room offers higher level of injury care, after-hours injury care, drug screens
  • Offers needs analysis of worksite
  • 24/7 Service Coordination number

Worker’s Compensation Services

  • Injury Intervention
  • Cost-effective and efficient providers to ensure timely treatment
  • Providers that understand the importance of completing Return-to-Work paperwork timely.
  • Ongoing communication regarding appointments, test ordered, etc, to keep you informed about the status of your injured employee.
  • 24/7 Service Coordination number

Group Health Services

  • Monthly health education and safely awareness information
  • Corporate Health Solutions at Home card – 24/7 Service Coordination number to call for assistance in scheduling all employee healthcare needs.

To schedule a complimentary onsite employee health consultation session, simply call (888)977-3319.