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Tobacco Free Policy

Healing Inside and Out

On September 1, 2015, Lake Charles Memorial Health System members, properties and affiliates will be smoke and tobacco free. We believe that becoming a smoke and tobacco free facility is in keeping with our mission to improve the health of our employees and our community. For smoking cessation resources, employees may contact a Smoking Cessation Specialist at (337) 480-8308 or Jessica Duhon, Employee Wellness Manager, at (337) 494-2992.

Why are we smoke and tobacco free now?

  • Smoke and tobacco free means tobacco use of any kind will NOT be permitted on any property owned or managed by the System, or any of its affiliates, by hospital staff, patients or visitors. This includes all tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, pipes and other tobacco products such as chewing tobacco and snuff). E-cigarettes (vaping etc.) are also included.
  • As a healthcare provider, we feel this will boost our effectiveness in treating patients by improving the overall quality and safety of our property.
  • Smoke or tobacco products at any of our facilities, inside and outside, is strictly prohibited. Individuals will have to leave the premises completely. We are prohibiting smoking and tobacco use even on outdoor System property. Secondhand smoke is a proven cause of cancer, can worsen symptoms of pulmonary conditions such as asthma or chronic bronchitis, and can cause eye irritation and nausea in some. We believe that as a healthcare provider we must provide all patients, staff and visitors with a safe and healthy environment.
  • When patients who use tobacco are admitted to the hospital, our staff will inform them that the hospital is smoke and tobacco-free and will not be permitted anywhere on the campus. We will offer information on cessation resources and smoking/tobacco-abatement products.
  • We will offer information on cessation resources and programs to employees. While it is not mandatory that employees cease using tobacco products, we will encourage them to consider quitting for the benefit of their overall health.
  • We respect individuals’ right to choose to use tobacco products, but we ask that they refrain from using such products while on any property owned or managed by the System, or any of its affiliates.
  • As a healthcare provider, the System has the right to prohibit tobacco use on all its properties to provide a healthy and safe environment for those we serve.