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Price Transparency

Hospital price transparency helps Americans know the cost of a hospital item or service before receiving it. Lake Charles Memorial Health System is providing access to the downloadable information below. The information is being provided via a third party payer transparency service to assist you in determining your out-of-pocket costs prior to scheduling your service. If you would like to price a specific service, this tool can assist you in selecting the type of service with just a few questions by clicking the secure link below. If the service you are looking for is not found please contact us at (337) 494-3000.

As a patient, it is extremely important to understand that the billed charges are only a small part of the equation when estimating the cost of your hospital experience. Other factors that may affect your hospital responsibility are deductible, out-of-pocket maximums, co-pays, provider network, etc. Most hospital encounters will include multiple received services based on your physician’s orders and/or documentation. This adds another level of complexity when trying to calculate the possible cost of your healthcare.

Additionally, the charges accessible below do not include any charges for physician services or other professional fees such as emergency room physicians, radiologists, pathologists and anesthesiologists, etc. These fees are billed separately from the hospital.

If You Have Commercial Insurance:

  • Contact your insurance company to understand all of the factors affecting your financial responsibility.
  • Numerous factors, such as type of plan, co-pay, co-insurance, deductible, out-of-pocket maximums, provider network and other limitations, will affect your financial responsibility to the hospital.
  • The prices reflected on this site do not include charges for the physician or other professional fees such as radiologist, pathologist, anesthesiologist and emergency room physicians.
  • The prices reflected on this site do not include any negotiated discounts between your insurance company and the hospital.

If You Have Medicare:

Medicare has many different parts, and not everyone has the same type of Medicare coverage. Medicare will pay for many of your healthcare expenses but not all of them.

  • Special rules apply if you have employer group health insurance coverage through your job or a spouse’s job.
  • If you have a supplemental health insurance policy, it may cover some costs that Medicare does not cover.
  • The best way to be sure of what your Medicare plan covers is to call (800) MEDICARE, or visit

If You Have Medicaid:

  • Contact your local Medicaid office at (888) 544-7996, or visit the Louisiana Department of Health to determine all the factors affecting your financial responsibility.

If You Are Uninsured:

  • For more information about the payment policy of Lake Charles Memorial Health System please call (337) 494-3224.
  • As required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), hospitals have a written financial assistance policy that includes eligibility criteria, the basis for calculating charges and the method for applying for financial assistance.
  • For information about the Financial Assistance Program of Lake Charles Memorial Health System click here.

Click here for price transparency for services/items provided.