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Quality Information

At Lake Charles Memorial, our mission is to continuously improve our healthcare delivery in a personalized, caring and safe manner. We believe that the safest, highest quality healthcare is a result of individual effort and a well-developed system of plans and processes. We persistently collect information, analyze our healthcare processes and redevelop plans so that we're more efficient and error-free.

As a result, patients who come to Memorial benefit from our efforts to prevent errors and our commitment to continuously improve care.

Memorial is committed to fulfilling the national patient safety goals set annually by The Joint Commission, a non-profit agency that accredits health care organizations. These goals include such things as improved compliance with hand-washing guidelines, patient fall-prevention strategies, and medication safety measures.

Rather than remain passive recipients of the care they receive, Memorial patients are encouraged to be active participants.

To reduce the risks, get the most benefit, and avoid medication errors, patients are urged to Speak Up: ask questions, find the facts, evaluate their choices, list any and all medications they are taking, and report unwanted effects immediately.

The more information physicians, nurses, and pharmacists know, the better they can plan appropriate care. A written list of medications is often the most comprehensive and easiest to provide.