Adult Vaccines

About this Video

- Good afternoon everybody. Thank you so much for coming. Welcome. My name is Dr. Ahmed. I am one of the LSU family medicine residents here at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital. I am a second year. I'm extremely interested when it comes to preventative care and some of the concepts that I focus on are particularly about immunization. So I'm so glad that I can talk to all of you guys about this today. Just to get a good idea of my audience here. How many of you guys are below the age of 50? - [Male Speaker] Zip. (audience chattering) (Dr. Ahmed laughs) - All right, wonderful. Sorry? - [Male Speaker] How do we transfer to your department? (people chattering) - Oh, well that's something that's gonna have to go through administration. - [Male Speaker] I feel better already. - All right. So it's gonna be a long presentation. There's a few different vaccinations that I want to talk about, but they are recommended for less than the age of 50, so I'm probably just gonna skip over those ones and then kind of focus on what my audience is about. And then we'll just save all the questions 'til the end and I'll still be around and we can talk a little bit more about it afterwards. Okay? All right, so I'm gonna get started here. There, all right. So I have a little video that I'd like to show you. Oh. Does it not work? The internet here. Do we not have internet? - [Female Speaker] I don't know if Sally knew you had a video. - I do. I emailed her. O