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Breast Health

A woman must monitor her breast health as she gets older to prevent diseases, including breast cancer. Lake Charles Memorial Hospital for Women offers comprehensive breast health services and mammograms for women, as well as treatment for breast-related health conditions, including cancer. Other conditions include fibroids, cysts, and infections. You should see a doctor if you notice any breast changes to see if treatment is necessary. Your doctor may recommend follow-up tests after a physical exam to find out what’s causing the changes, such as breast ultrasound, breast biopsy, or a mammogram.

Breast Self-Examinations

Performing routine breast self-examination is just as important as getting mammography ever year after the age of 40, but these exams should be performed monthly by woman aged 20 and up.

To do a breast exam:

  • Put one hand behind your head.
  • With your fingers flat (do not use the fingertips), move your hand over the entire breast area.
  • Use the right hand for the left breast, and vice versa.
  • Examine the entire breast. You may work inward/outward in circles from the nipple region to the outer edge of the breasts or examine each section of the breast in pie-shaped wedges.
  • Check for lumps, knots, or thickenings, and look for visible lumps or dimpling.
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