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Lake Charles Maternity Services

Mother & Baby-Centered Care

In a traditional hospital setting, one nurse takes care of the mother and a different nurse takes care of the baby - usually in the nursery. Having different nurses, especially when mother and baby are separated, can cause confusion by the caregivers, missed opportunities for the new mother, and inflexibility when it comes to the mother's particular needs and wants. With mother-baby care at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital for Women, the same nurse cares for both mother and baby in the comfort and convenience of the mother's room.

What is Mother-Baby Care?

Mother-Baby Care is not the same as "rooming-in" where the mother is expected to care for her baby when the infant is with her. Nurses care for both mother and baby, promote bonding and ensure attachments within the new family. In fact, the mother-baby nurse cares for the whole family, including dad, other loved ones - whomever the new mother considers family. Mother-baby care is flexible and tailored to meet the needs of the family - not a rigid hospital schedule.

Advantages of Mother-Baby Care for Your Family:

  • More quality time with your baby
  • Babies cry less
  • Better communication because one nurse cares for both of you
  • Babies begin to learn to sleep during the night
  • A closer relationship between you and your nurse
  • Better postpartum and baby care education
  • Assurance that your baby is receiving good care
  • Easier feeding when the baby is with you
  • More successful breastfeeding
  • Greater promotion of family bonding