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Childbirth Education

Lake Charles Memorial for Women's childbirth preparation classes offer a wide range of educational programs to prepare you and your family for your baby’s arrival.

Labor & Delivery

The process of labor and delivery are discussed including admissions and anesthesia options. A birth film is shown. Cesarean childbirth covers the reasons for a cesarean birth and includes a video of cesarean deliveries and postpartum care of mom and her newborn.


Preparation for breastfeeding, techniques and potential concerns. For pregnant moms who plan to combine working and breastfeeding, as well as moms who are currently working and breastfeeding, we discuss ways to bring in a good milk supply, pumping at your workplace, and how to maintain the breastfeeding relationship with your baby.

Newborn Care

Discuss characteristics of the newborn, feeding and basic care needs of infants, and techniques parents can use to maximize sensory potential of their newborns.

Sibling Classes

This class discusses orienting care for a newborn, feeding, diapering and adjusting to a new family member.

Infant CPR

Teaches infant CPR to parents, grandparents and other interested persons.

Safe Sitter®

The Safe Sitter® curriculum is designed exclusively for young teens in grades 6– 8, and covers the following areas: safety skills, child care skills, first aid & rescue skills, and life & business skills. Hands-on demonstrations and skills practice using soft-bodied dolls and medical manikins is included.

Special Seminars

Seminars and special programs are offered from time-to-time to enhance parenting and family members knowledge about pertinent topics such as immunizations, family wellness and choosing a specialist when the need arises.

Click on the registration link for a schedule of prenatal classes and other events. Registration is required for prenatal classes.

Tours are also offered after each prenatal class.

If you have questions or need more information, please call our Childbirth Educator at
(337) 480-7243.