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Bladder Care

Living with bladder problems can be more than a nuisance, it can get in the way of enjoying everyday life. However, you’re not alone, because bladder problems are especially common in women. Conditions such as urinary tract or bladder infections, urinary incontinence, cystitis, and others are more common in women than men. You should see a doctor if you have symptoms of a bladder condition, such as a burning pain when you urinate, or feeling the urge to urinate even when you don’t need to. Urine leakage is another reason to contact your doctor, as you may have urinary incontinence, which can be treated through retraining the pelvic floor muscles.

Some women’s bladder problems are linked to a specific issues, condition, or life phases. For example, pregnancy and childbirth can lead to weakened pelvic floor muscles. Other women notice their problems increase or begin after menopause. Other contributing factors include being overweight or having diabetes.

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