Radiation / Oncology at Lake Charles Memorial

Award-Winning Cancer Center in Lake Charles

The Cancer Center at Lake Charles Memorial Health System is the top facility for cancer treatment in Southwest Louisiana. Our Lake Charles hospital works with a highly qualified and dedicated team. Our goal is to treat clients in a holistic way, providing care for the patient at every level.

Advanced Radiation Therapy

Cancer treatments include:

  • Removing tumors through precision surgery
  • Killing cancer cells using radiation
  • Killing cancer cells using chemotherapy

We utilize advanced treatments such as Trilogy and Smart Arc technology. Close to 3 in 5 of cancer patients will receive radiation therapy, and the Trilogy linear accelerator utilizes a radiation technology that more accurately pinpoints and destroys cancer cells in less time and with less side effects. We also utilize computerized real-time positioning during radiation treatment sessions to manage the motion of cancerous tumors.

What Is Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)?

IMRT gives radiation oncologists the tools and technology necessary to pinpoint and destroy cancer cells using non-invasive therapy. Imaging technology such as computed tomography (CT) gives the oncologist a three-dimensional image of the growth. This allows for precision in planning treatment of the cancer and eradication of the tumors using radiation therapy. Our technology enables us to maximize control of the radiation in order to precisely focus beams and protect surrounding, healthy parts of the body.

Brachytherapy: Another Cancer Treatment Option

Our doctors carefully plan each patient's treatment. One option that may be considered for certain types of cancer-including gynecologic cancer, prostate cancer, esophageal cancer, breast cancer, and lung cancer-is brachytherapy, which essentially means "short distance therapy." This technologically advanced and complex method can be accomplished in minutes, and utilizes tiny sources of radioactivity-which are precisely placed in or directly beside tumors using a high dose rate after-loader-to destroy cancerous growths.

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