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Interventional Pain

Why choose Lake Charles Memorial Health System Interventional Pain?

We provide our services in a sterile operating room environment with anesthesia support staff. We also offer anesthesiology and interventional pain fellowship-trained physician experience at a locally owned facility with a locally raised, trained and caring physician.  

Dr. Seth Billiodeaux received his medical degree and completed his anesthesiology residency at Louisiana State University Health Science Center in Shreveport.  He then completed a fellowship in interventional pain management at LSUHSC-Shreveport as well, where he also served as assistant professor of anesthesiology and interventional pain management.

At Memorial, our interventional pain philosophy is to reduce dependence and pain and increase function and activity through a multidisciplinary approach of several coordinated specialties and specialists.  

What to Expect

You will receive a comprehensive musculoskeletal and medical evaluation, as well as a thorough radiology review.   We will discuss all treatment options with you and provide feedback to your referring physician regarding our plan, including any further tests or referrals.  

Below are some treatment options for common pain:

  • Occipital Nerve Block
  • C2/3 Nerve Block and radiofrequency ablation
  • Botox  

Neck Pain
  • Cervical Epidural Steroid Injections
  • Cervical Selective Nerve Root Blocks
  • Cervical Medial Branch Blocks
  • Cervical Medial Branch Radiofrequency Ablation
  • Cervical Facet Injections
  • Cervical Paraspinous Trigger Point Injections
  • Stellate Ganglion Block               
Lower Back Pain
  • Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injections
  • Lumbar Selective Nerve Root Blocks
  • Lumbar Medial Branch Blocks
  • Lumbar Medial Branch Radiofrequency Ablation
  • Spinal Cord Stimulation
  • Diagnostic Discograms
  • Facet Injections  
Sacro-Coccygeal Pain
  • Sacro-Iliac Joint Injections
  • Ganglion of Impar Block  
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  • Sympathetic Nerve Block
  • Spinal Cord Stimulation  
Thoracic Pain
  • Qutenza Procedure for Post Herpetic Neuralgia
  • Intercostal Nerve Block
  • Thoracic Epidural  
Joint Pain
  • X-ray or Ultrasound Guided Hip, Shoulder, Knee Injections  
Abdominal/Pelvic Pain
  • Celiac Plexus Block
  • Superior Hypogastric Plexus Block     

For more information, or to inquire about an appointment, call Dr. Billiodeaux's office at (337) 480-8900. 

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