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2023 Mardi Gras Holiday Closures

2023 Mardi Gras Holiday Closures

The following is the closing of Lake Charles Memorial Health System's clinics for the observance of Mardi Gras. All hospitals and emergency room locations will still be fully open and operational.

Monday, February 12, 2024 

Closed All Day:

Memorial Oncology and Hematology

Memorial Orthopedics - Nelson Road

Memorial OBGYN - Dr. Forsyth, Dr. Scroggs and Dr. Cole

Tuesday, February, 13, 2024

Closed At Noon:

Memorial Pulmonary Associates

Memorial Surgery & Trauma

Memorial Heart & Vascular and Dr. Lugo's office

Memorial Advanced Urology

Closed All Day:

Memorial Digestive Health Clinic

Memorial Orthopedics - Main Hospital, Nelson Road, Sale Road

Memorial Neurosurgical Institute

Memorial Interventional Spine

Memorial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Memorial Urology

Memorial Behavioral Health Clinic

Memorial Oncology and Hematology

Memorial OBGYN - All providers

Memorial Internal Medicine - Oak Park, 3rd Ave, Nelson Road

Memorial Family Medicine - Aster Street, Nelson Road, Moss Bluff, Women's Hospital

Memorial LSU Family Medicine

Iowa Health Clinic

Clinic of Welsh

All remaining clinics will be open during normal business hours.