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Advanced MRI

  • Office Name: Advanced MRI
  • Category: Imaging

About This Location

Advanced MRI at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital uses a High Field Open Unit MRI system. This technology uses the most comfortable room experience for patients while providing a full diagnosis. Advanced MRI is ideal for patients with claustrophobia or fear of tight, enclosed spaces.  

MRI is an advanced, non-invasive diagnostic tool that utilizes magnetic fields and radio waves and can be used to see inside the body with incredible accuracy. MRI can be viewed as a three-dimensional image that a doctor can use to see irregularities in the tissue. Advanced MRI is one of the many imaging tools that providers at Lake Charles Memorial use to detect various conditions, injuries, and disorders, including tumors, organ abnormalities, spinal cord damage, multiple sclerosis, joint injuries/disorders, bone infections, stroke, eye disorders, inner ear disorders, aneurysms, heart problems, blockage, and inflammation of blood vessels.  

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Advanced MRI is located in Lake Charles Memorial Hospital in MOB II. The office can be quickly accessed by parking in the MOB II parking lot on 3rd Ave. Patients can then enter the building through the green automatic doors and turn left, passing through the Lab Draw Station waiting area. Patients will then turn right and travel down the hallway. The Advanced MRI office will be down the hall, on the left.  

Also located in MOB II are the MOB II Lab Draw station and Medical Plaza Pharmacy, allowing patients to fill prescriptions and have lab tests conducted – all in one convenient location. 

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Hours are subject to change. Please contact the office for confirmation.