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Memorial Breast Health Center - Memorial Hospital

  • Office Name: Memorial Breast Health Center - Memorial Hospital
  • Category: Clinic

About This Location

Memorial Breast Health offers a comprehensive line of breast health services for breast cancer prevention and treatment, including breast diagnosis, genetic testing, and plastic and reconstructive surgery.  

Mammograms are the first line of defense against breast cancer and breast abnormalities. Although cancer is always our first concern, many breast problems are not cancer. Developing a sense of what the everyday reality is for your breasts is key. When you know what is normal, you can recognize what is not normal. And when something is not normal, you can promptly call your doctor. 

Memorial’s Breast Health Center can diagnose and treat various issues including hyperplasia, cysts, fibroadenomas, radial scares, breast masses, nipple discharge and intraductal papilloma.  

Memorial’s Breast Health Center is located in two locations – Lake Charles Memorial Hospital on Oak Park Blvd and Lake Charles Memorial Hospital for Women on Gauthier.  

The Memorial Breast Health Center at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital is in MOB II on 3rd Avenue. The quickest way to access the Breast Health Center is by entering through the green automatic doors in MOB II. Next, a patient would travel through the hallway located next to the Medical Plaza Pharmacy. At the end of the hallway, turn right and enter the Breast Health Center through the pink door.  

Also located in MOB II are the MOB II Lab Draw station and Medical Plaza Pharmacy, allowing patients to fill prescriptions and have lab tests conducted – all in one convenient location. 

Learn more about what services are available at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital, including parking options, by clicking here. 

Hours are subject to change. Please contact the office for confirmation.