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Specialty Pharmacy

  • Office Name: Specialty Pharmacy
  • Category: Pharmacy

About This Location

Lake Charles Specialty Pharmacy serves patients prescribed specialty medications to treat complex and chronic conditions like multiple sclerosis, cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis. These medications are often not available in traditional pharmacies and require special handling and storage by the patient and pharmacist and require follow-up and special care by a professional.  

The team at Memorial’s Specialty Pharmacy will provide assistance for working with insurance and financial assistance resources while providing compassionate clinical support to answer your questions about medication, side effects, and symptoms. Patients of the Specialty Pharmacy can pick up their prescriptions or have them delivered via mail. The pharmacy team will also provide convenient refill reminders and options.  

The Specialty Pharmacy is across from Advanced MRI in MOB II at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital on Oak Park Blvd and can be reached by phone by calling 337.494.2024.  

Also located in MOB II is the MOB II Lab Draw station, allowing patients to have lab tests conducted – all in one convenient location. 

Learn more about what services are available at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital, including parking options, by clicking here. 

Hours are subject to change. Please contact the office for confirmation.