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"Easy as ABC" - Rod Rodrigues's TAVR Story

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"Easy as ABC" - Rod Rodrigues's TAVR Story

In Rod Rodrigues’ 84 years, he has always been a healthy and hardworking family man who loves life to it’s fullest. He served in the Marine Corps as a young adult, he is a past restaurant owner, and coached little league for 18 years. There’s not much that could slow him down, until one day, as he was sitting on the couch, he it became difficult to breathe. After a trip to the emergency room and his health deteriorating, he found himself diagnosed with pneumonia and cardiac failure.

After 3 and a half months in the hospital, regaining his strength, to be considered for the Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) procedure, Rod finally became strong enough for the procedure.