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Memorial Breaks Through with Robotic-Assisted Knee Surgeries

Navio meshNavio™ robotic-assisted partial and total knee replacement is now available at Lake Charles Memorial. Partial and total knee replacement removes diseased bone while sparing healthy tissue and bone.

Orthopedic Surgeon Robert Duarte, MD, with Orthopaedic Specialists, a part of the Memorial Medical Group, was the first to perform robotic-assisted total knee replacement on February 28 and offer patients the revolutionary advanced precision of the Navio™ surgical system in Southwest Louisiana.

The Navio system provides robotic-controlled assistance, aiding in precise surgical outcomes for patients living with knee pain caused by early to mid-stage osteoarthritis. Navio surgery differs from other robotics-assisted surgery with unique algorithmic technology which allows for handheld instrumentation that assists surgeons.

“We re-create a model of the patient’s knee’s movement and bone anatomy using computer-assisted virtualization that doesn’t require having the patient undergo a CT scan,” Dr. Duarte says. “Using this virtual model, I plan the location of the implant and balance the knee through bending. Finally, using the Navio hand piece, I then prepare the bone to accept the implant.”

The end result is partial and total knee replacements that give patients a return to daily activity and decrease in pain. During the procedure, the diseased portion of the bone is replaced with an implant that spares healthy bone and returns function.

There are no pre-operative procedures required. The difference is in the tools Dr. Duarte uses. Navio is a robotic-controlled smart instrument that delivers the precision of robotics into Dr. Duarte’s hands, allowing for accurate and predictable bone resurfacing and replacement.

To find out if robotic-assisted knee surgery is right for you, schedule an appointment with Dr. Duarte at 337.494.4900.